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356. Thomas Denton Clarke
The Brisbane Courier 1918
Mate in 3

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3 Sep. 2017 – Weekly Problems and Walkabout archives

This site has been given a minor revamp. The Weekly Problems and Walkabout columns now have their own top-level main pages, reflecting the amount of contents in these sections. The Weekly Problems archive, besides providing links to all the relevant sub-pages, includes an index of composers. The Walkabout archive lists all of the columns in reverse chronological order. I have revised many of the columns' subject headings so that they are more descriptive; particularly, the not-very-informative “What’s New” headings have all been replaced. A few improvements have also been made to the site’s design, including the sidebar with smaller icons and additional links on the home page. Further, there's now a search box on every page in the footer section.

The xkcd comics only infrequently feature a chess topic, but I always enjoy them when they do appear, and here’s a good one I haven’t quoted before.

13 Aug. 2017 – Kamikaze Chess
5 Jul. 2017 – A tribute to Raymond Smullyan (1919-2017)
4 Jun. 2017 – ‘Gordon Stuart Green: A Brilliant All-Rounder’ and ‘Some Mosely Material’