Problem Magazines and Columns

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Australasian Chess (2008-2013)

“Problem Potpourri” column edited by Geoff Foster.

Australian Chess (2003-2007)

“Problem Billabong” column edited by Ian Shanahan.

Australian Chess Forum (1996-2002)

“Any Problems” column edited by Arthur Willmott.

Australian Chess Problem Magazine (1992-1997)

Edited by Arthur Willmott.

Chess in Australia (1969-1992)

“Problem Corner” column edited by Fred Flatow, Peter Donovan, Michael Winslade, Bob Meadley, Brian Tomson, and Arthur Willmott.

The Australian Problemist (1962-1964)

Edited by V. Lapin.

Chess World (1946-1967)

“Problems” column edited by F.T. Hawes.

Check! (1944-1945)

“Problems” column edited by F.T. Hawes.

The Australasian Chess Review (1929-1944)

“Problems” column edited by F.T. Hawes and J.K. Heydon.

Australasian Chess Magazine (1919-1920)

“Problem Pages” edited by A.R. Snowdon, J.J. O’Keefe, and F.T. Hawes.