Australian Junior Chess Problem-Solving Championship 2012

13 Sep. 2012 | by Peter Wong

The national Junior Chess Championships was held in Melbourne earlier this year, and an official chess problem solving competition took place as part of the event. Eighty-one juniors (67 boys and 14 girls) entered this Solving Championship, a slight increase from last year. The competition was expertly organised by Nigel Nettheim, with help from Andrew Ballam and Ian Rogers. Geoff Foster did another fine job of setting the problems and preparing the papers.

Valentin Rudenko
Presledovanie Temy 1983

Mate in 2

Viktor Chepizhny
64 1970, Special Prize

Mate in 7

Two of the set directmates are shown above – I’ve found them enjoyable to solve, and so should you! You can see their solutions, along with all of the problems used in the event, in Nigel’s detailed Report of the Championship. For a list of the prize winners, go to the 2012 Australian Junior Chess Championships site [no longer available].