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679. Mark Erenburg
World Congress of Chess Composition, Dresden 2017

15th Ukrainian Folk Crafts, 2nd Prize

An in-depth introduction to the art of chess composition, examining various problem types and themes.

Prominent Australian problemists write about their involvement in the contemporary problem scene, and present some of their best compositions.

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A chess problem blog by Peter Wong, covering a range of subjects. The main page provides a topic index.

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Chess diagram change on OzProblems

2 Nov. 2023

Of all the chess diagram fonts that are commonly used, my favourite is Linares. It’s a popular one seen in many books, magazines, and websites, such as the British Chess Problem Society site and its publication, The Problemist. A few years ago when OzProblems was given an overhaul, I would’ve picked this font for the diagrams except that I couldn’t find an appropriate software for it, and so used another one, Chess Alpha. It turns out, however, there’s a site named Apronus.com with a Chess Diagram Editor tool that includes Linares as an option. Since the images produced by this online app look great, I decided to take the plunge and convert all of the diagrams on OzProblems to this format.