Problem World introduction to selfmates

8 Aug. 2019 | by Peter Wong

Selfmates represent one of the three major forms of orthodox chess problems, along with directmates and helpmates. While not as intuitive as the other types, selfmate compositions are rewarding in their own way, displaying strategies that cannot be produced elsewhere. The importance of this genre – which dates from medieval times – hasn’t really been reflected in its coverage on this site, though. To rectify that somewhat, I have expanded the Problem World article on the subject, adding four more examples to the original two (the series-movers now appear separately). Six quality selfmates-in-two-moves are thus discussed and analysed, of which one is diagrammed below. When inspiration strikes, I may attempt a second part that examines lengthier samples! Here is a link to the updated article: Selfmates.

Luigi Ceriani
Die Schwalbe 1932

Selfmate in 2