OzProblems site revamp and Problem World article on series-movers

23 Aug. 2023 | by Peter Wong

Three years ago this site was given a major upgrade when it was converted to a new version of Google Sites, the tool used to build it. Since then I haven’t really paid much attention to improving the look of the site, even though the Google app has continued to evolve and add more customisation features. In a case of better-late-than-never, I’ve spent the past weeks making a lot of small adjustments to the site’s design and hopefully that will translate to a better user’s experience. An enhanced design is not only cosmetic change but should also make the site easier to navigate and its communications clearer.

I have also revised some of the site’s contents, including the preliminary texts for the main sections. Such a text has been added to the Walkabout section, since basic information like this apparently helps with the SEO, or how search engines “crawl” the site. The Links page is now more comprehensive and points to many of the best sites relating to chess problems.

The Problem World article on Series-movers previously contained four sample problems, and two more have been included to make the number consistent with the rest of the section. Composed by Brian Tomson and Holger Helledie respectively, both new selections are series-helpmates that serve as fine introductions to the subject. Recently I noticed that this article is used as a reference in the Wikipedia page on series-movers, so perhaps that gave me the impetus to get things in order!

Holger Helledie
Thema Danicum 1995