Chess Problem Organisations and Magazines

World Federation for Chess Composition

Official site of the governing body that oversees chess composition worldwide.

British Chess Problem Society

The society produces The Problemist, perhaps the world’s best chess problem journal.

Die Schwalbe

Prestigious publication of the German chess problem society.


High-quality French magazine devoted to chess problems.


Chess problem magazine of The Good Companions, the U.S. problem association.

Mat Plus

The site of the Yugoslav chess problem magazine, includes an active forum in English.

The Hopper

Online chess problem magazine, features orthodox, fairy and retro compositions.


Comprehensive site of the Dutch endgame study association.

Chess Problem Databases and Software

Chess Problem Database Server

Online chess problem database, holds more than 470,000 problems.

YACPDB (Yet Another Chess Problem Database) 

Another database that contains more than 570,000 problems.

Nalimov Tablebases

Endgame tablebases for positions with up to six pieces.

Syzygy Tablebases

Endgame tablebases for positions with up to seven pieces.


Free problem solving program, very versatile in dealing with fairy problems (see its Wikipedia entry).


Free program for solving shortest proof games.

Miscellaneous Chess Problem Sites

Chess Composers

Comprehensive listing of chess problem composers with short biographies and sample problems.

An online forum/discussion board devoted to chess problems.

The Retrograde Analysis Corner

An extensive look at retro-analytical problems.

The BDS Website

British problemist Brian Stephenson’s site, includes a blog and a problem database.

Vaclav Kotesovec

The site of the Czech problem composer and programmer, with an extensive list of problem-related links.

Chess Composition MicroWeb

Slovakian composer Juraj Lorinc’s site, mostly about fairy chess problems.