Problem History

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Alexandre’s 2020 and American Chess Nuts” (2019)

By Bob Meadley.

Ken Fraser – A Quiet Achiever (2014)

By Bob Meadley.

“Alain C. White” Australian Tourneys

Australian Problem Tourney 1910-11 (1911)
Australian Problem Tourney 1909-10 (1910)

A Letter to Bert” (2001)

A medley about chess libraries, dealers and collectors, by Bob Meadley.

The Melbourne Leader Tourney 1884” (1991)

By Arthur Willmott.

The South Australian Chronicle Tourney 1882” (1991)

By Arthur Willmott.

Terry Gallery’s Chess Column” (1980)

By Bob Meadley.

Australian Problem History” (1963)

By F. Ravenscroft.

The Dux” (1914)

A tribute to H.E. Grant, chess columnist of The Leader.

The Problem Art in Australia” (1896)

By J.J. Glynn.