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Welcome to OzProblems.com, a site devoted to the chess problem art in Australia! Whether you’re a player who is new to composition chess or an experienced solver looking for challenging problems, we have something for you. Our aim is to promote the enjoyment of chess problems, which are at once interesting puzzles and the most artistic form of chess.

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566. Joost de Heer & Michel Caillaud
Probleemblad 2001

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An in-depth introduction to the art of chess composition, examining various problem types and themes.

Prominent Australian problemists write about their involvement in the contemporary problem scene, and present some of their best compositions.

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A chess problem blog by Peter Wong, covering a range of subjects. The main page provides a topic index.

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The terms chess puzzles and chess problems may seem synonymous at first glance, but when used precisely, there’s actually a world of difference between them. Both terms refer to special positions in which solvers try to uncover the known “best” moves; but whereas puzzles are tactics exercises derived from actual games, problems are constructed from scratch – i.e. a composition – to show a specific idea. Since it’s not unusual for players unfamiliar with problems to conflate the two types or misunderstand the point of compositions, I want to highlight their important differences and correct some common misconceptions. My earlier blog, Chess problem scene in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, touched on the subject but did not elaborate. We will revisit that scene from the TV series here as it exemplifies the issues well.