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704. Milan Vukcevich
Chess Life 1988, 2nd Prize

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Dark Doings problems – Part 2

10 May 2024

Dark Doings problems involve an extreme form of material imbalance: White has at most one unit besides the king, while all sixteen black pieces are present. As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, Ottó Bláthy pioneered this picturesque scheme in the 1920s, and even then, he implemented it not only in directmates but also in less common types, such as selfmates (though some of them proved to be unsound by modern standards). The Dark Doings idea has since been rendered in many other genres, including fairy types like series-movers, and even proof games. The quirky Weekly Problem No.700 demonstrates it – along with the “homebase” effect – in a helpstalemate. For this instalment, however, I shall focus on helpmates, which seem particularly conducive to producing high-quality examples.