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558. Hilding Fröberg
Vart Hem 1939, 1st Prize

Mate in 2

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The Chess Problem Database Server (PDB)* is one of the best problem databases on the web, and recently I decided to tidy up my entries on that site. In doing so (completing basic tasks like adding missing solutions), I came across another composer who shares my surname, Wong Kong Weng. An Indonesian who was active in the 1960s, his name follows a Chinese convention whereby the family name goes before the given name. This variance from Western practices is the source of a common mix-up and the PDB records the problemist’s surname incorrectly as “Weng”, such that a search under that name is required to locate most of his compositions. Indeed, the same issue affects several Indonesian composers, including the grandmaster Touw Hian Bwee. In his Collection of Chess Problems, a free e-book available from the British Chess Problem Society (highly recommended), he wrote...

* Note Update in blog.