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Problem of the Week

542. Torsten Linss
Sächsische Zeitung 1993

Mate in 2, Twin (b) Qh7 to h8

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In a type of chess problem known as synthetic games, the task is to construct a game starting from the normal array to reach a position that meets a certain objective. Since you control both sides, the play is no longer adversary, but the challenge becomes how to achieve the goal in the fewest number of moves. The Fool’s mate can be viewed as the answer to a synthetic-game problem, one stipulating for the fastest mate. All sorts of objectives are possible, however, such as reaching a position with only the two kings left, attaining a pattern of six white pawns on the same file, or finishing a game with a knight-promotion mate. Here we look at the task of producing stalemate in the quickest possible way, along with a few other related goals. Some of these record shortest games are quite famous, and two even featured in the acclaimed TV show, ‘Mr. Robot’. This drama series happens to be one of my favourites, and I will also examine the chess scene in question below