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Welcome to OzProblems.com, a site all about chess problems in Australia and around the world! Whether you are new to chess compositions or an experienced solver, we have something for you. Our aim is to promote the enjoyment of chess problems, which are at once interesting puzzles and the most artistic form of chess.

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669. Valery Gurov & Abdelaziz Onkoud
Green March-40 Jubilee Tourney 2016, 4th Prize

Helpmate in 2, 3 solutions

An in-depth introduction to the art of chess composition, examining various problem types and themes.

Prominent Australian problemists write about their involvement in the contemporary problem scene, and present some of their best compositions.

A comprehensive collection of Australian chess problem materials, including e-books, articles, magazines and columns (all free downloads).

A chess problem blog by Peter Wong, covering a range of subjects. The main page provides a topic index.

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OzProblems site revamp and Problem World article on series-movers

23 Aug. 2023

Three years ago this site was given a major upgrade when it was converted to a new version of Google Sites, the tool used to build it. Since then I haven’t really paid much attention to improving the look of the site, even though the Google app has continued to evolve and add more customisation features. In a case of better-late-than-never, I’ve spent the past weeks making a lot of small adjustments to the site’s design and hopefully that will translate to a better user’s experience. An enhanced design is not only cosmetic change but should also make the site easier to navigate and its communications clearer.