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692. Mikhail Marandjuk & Vladimir Soldatov
Shakhmaty v SSSR 1991, 1st Prize

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Help retractors

2 Feb. 2024

In retractor problems, one or both players take back a specified number of moves, with the goal of reaching a position where a forward task, such as a mate-in-1, can be realised. In help retractors, the two sides cooperate during the backward play, while in defensive retractors, they act in opposition. Here we shall look at the former (the more accessible type), specifically those in which both players retract one move and aim for a helpmate-in-1. Retractions in problems give rise to many interesting effects, like uncapturing an opponent’s piece and unpromoting a unit that’s on the eighth rank. Such unconventional forms of play are, nevertheless, still bound by legality – i.e. it is forbidden to take back any move that would result in an illegal position.